Saint-Gobain Medical Product Disclaimer

Medical Product Disclaimer

Saint-Gobain Medical Product Disclaimer

Saint-Gobain’s medical products are distributed exclusively to medical device manufacturers for use in the manufacture, assembly or distribution of their medical devices.

Saint-Gobain cannot authorize the sale of its medical products directly to device user facilities (e.g. hospitals, surgery centers, nursing home, clinics, etc.), nor directly to end users (e.g. patients, patients’ caregiver, prescribing physician, nurse, pharmacist, etc.), including distributors serving device user facilities and end users directly.

Saint-Gobain’s medical products offer covers:

  •  Medical Components1 intended for processing or use in the manufacture or assembly of medical devices before the finished medical device is packaged/labeled; Medical Components are intended to be included as part of the finished, packaged, and labeled device [21CFR820.3(c)].
  •  Finished Devices made on behalf of medical device manufacturers3 under contract-manufacturing agreement. In accordance with the United States’ jurisdiction, Saint-Gobain complies with the FDA’s requirements for contract manufacturers of finished devices.

In accordance with every jurisdiction globally, Saint-Gobain’s customers are responsible for determining that any medical device they manufacture and market that incorporates a Saint-Gobain’s medical product, is compliant with each country-specific medical device regulations and has received proper country-specific clearance, certification or registration authorizing the sale of this medical device.


  121CFR820.3(c) Component means any raw material, substance, piece, part, software, firmware, labeling, or assembly which is intended to be included as part of the finished, packaged, and labeled device.

  221CFR820.3(l) Finished device means any device or accessory to any device that is suitable for use or capable of functioning, whether or not it is packaged, labeled, or sterilized.

  321 CFR 807.20(a)(2) Contract manufacturer makes a device for or on behalf of a specifications developer or any other person.