Saint-Gobain Medical Product Disclaimer

Medical Product Disclaimer

Saint-Gobain Medical Product Disclaimer

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation’s Life Science (“Saint-Gobain”) products that are used as components in the manufacture of any Medical Devices (as defined by the FDA) are sold by Saint-Gobain only and exclusively to Medical Device manufacturers for use in the manufacture, assembly or distribution of their medical devices. In addition, Saint-Gobain may at the request of a Medical Device manufacturers, to the extent viable, act as an OEM to manufacture a subcontracted finished product for such Medical Device manufacturers that could be classified by such Medical Device manufacturers as a medical device.

Medical Device manufacturers, to whom Saint-Gobain sells components or for whom Saint-Gobain acts as a subcontractor for finished products, are solely responsible for determining whether their finished products are a medical device and to the extent they determine that the finished products are medical device, the Medical Device manufacturers are obligated to be compliant with all applicable regulations and to ensure that it has received proper country-specific clearance, certification or registration authorizing the sale of such medical devices.

NOTE: This document is intended to provide information about the product to enable you to consider whether generally the Product meets your application need and is not intended to provide product specification. This document should not be considered a Product warranty or guaranty. To the extent this document mentions any tests done by Saint-Gobain, such tests are done under controlled laboratory circumstances and hence other factors in your use and application may impact such values. Saint-Gobain strongly recommends that you conduct practical tests simulating the conditions of your application to ensure that the product meets your requirements for your specific application.

WARRANTY: Saint-Gobain warranties that the Product will meet specifications at the time of delivery and honor such warranty claims for a period of 18 months after delivery. In the event that you are a distributor purchasing Saint-Gobain Product, any change to specification while in your control as a result of storage conditions or otherwise, may cause the above warranty to be voided. THIS IS THE EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY AND IS EXPRESSLY IN LIEU OF ANY AND ALL OTHER OBLIGATIONS, GUARANTEES, WARRANTIES AND REPRESENTATIONS. SAINT-GOBAIN DISCLAIMS ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.