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Materials Offered For The Medical Markets

Backed by a rich history of advanced materials expertise, Saint-Gobain is a leading manufacturer of high-performance molded and extruded medical components.

The materials we offer are critical in providing the best solution for your application.  Saint-Gobain manufactures a wide variety of components in silicone, thermoplastics and ultra engineered polymers to ensure product quality and patient safety.

Preferred Materials For Medical Device Components

I recently learned that Saint-Gobain also has the abilities to support silicone molding. I got the number of the local representative and started the conversations. This opens a window of multiple other products that we could discuss with them.

Catheter Customer
We Keep Improving Our Technologies In Silicone
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Introducing FreeWave™ Specialized Silicone Laser Processing

No longer are you constrained by Design for Manufacturability!  FreeWave™ specialized silicone laser processing provides you with design freedom to create intricate features on your LSR molded silicone part like never before. 

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