Peristaltic Pump Tubing for In Vitro Diagnostics

Four of our material formulations are optimized for delivering excellent pump performance, ensuring flow rate stability, exceptional chemical resistance, and long pump life.


  • Excellent Peristaltic Pump Life 
  • Good Chemical Resistance  
  • Low Spallation 


Material Type Adsorption Bend
Weldable Bioinert Hardness
Appearance Sterilization²
PharMed® BPT TPE ++ +++ ++ ++ ++ 64 A Opaque Beige A-γ-EtO
Sanipure™ BDF™ TPE ++ +++ ++ +++ ++ 60 A Translucent A-γ-EtO
PharmaPure® TPE ++ +++ ++ ++ ++ 65 A Opaque White A-γ-EtO
Tygon® E-LFL TP + +++ + +++ + 56 A Transparent A-γ-EtO

Note: Table represents product recommendations based on a combination of industry knowledge, material science expertise and/or material testing data. Please reach out to Saint-Gobain Medical for further tubing recommendation information.
Key: Fair (+), Good (++), Excellent (+++) // NR = not recommended
1. Based on the jacket compatibility 2. A = Autoclave, γ = Gamma, EtO = Ethylene Oxide 3. Custom formulation

PharMed® BPT Biocompatible Peristaltic Pump Tubing

PharMed® BPT tubing has been formulated to withstand the rigors of peristaltic pumping action while providing the biocompatible fluid surface required in

PDF | 3 pages | 475.96 KB
SaniPure™ BDF™ Biocompatible TPE Tubing Datasheet

SaniPure™ BDF™ is the ideal choice for handling sensitive biological fluid transfer applications along with it's superior pump life.

PDF | 2 pages | 623.63 KB
PharmaPure® Low Spallation Peristaltic Pump Tubing

PharmaPure® is a premium, low-spallation, biologically compatible peristaltic pump tubing developed especially for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and

PDF | 3 pages | 442.56 KB
PharmaPure Low Spallation Pump Tubing-datasheet
Tygon® E-LFL

Tygon® E-LFL has been tested rigorously to ensure that it meets the physical standards of 1,000 hours of peristaltic pump tubing life at 0 psi back

PDF | 2 pages | 1.95 MB
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