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IV Therapy Market

IV Therapy Market

Saint-Gobain is a leading manufacturer of IV therapy components used for bedside delivery, ambulatory pumps and auto-injection applications.  Our tubing and assemblies enhance safety by ensuring each patient receives a consistent flow rate.  We have decades of molding and extrusion experience, and we’re experts at designing precision components for fluid delivery systems.  

When you choose us, you get much more than high-quality IV therapy components.  You get an experienced team who will work side-by-side with you throughout the development and life cycle of your product.  All of our IV therapy components are manufactured using medical-grade, advanced materials.

Our Capabilities That Serve The IV Therapy Market

Silicone Tubing

 Silicone tubing is ideal for medical devices requiring strength, durability, long life and non-reactivity with bodily fluids and skin.

Tygon® Tubing

Our chemists have developed a specific formula for each Tygon® tubing product to provide the highest purity and superior toxicological safety.

Molded Pump Cassettes

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding offers an efficient, cost-effective method for producing a higher volume of parts with faster cycle times making it ideal for IV Therapy components.

Molded Seals

Our silicone products are preferred by medical device manufacturers for superior characteristics and better outcomes. 

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