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Diabetic Care Market

Diabetic Care Market

Saint-Gobain is a leading manufacturer of silicone components for diabetic devices. We are experts at silicone molding – collaborating solutions with our OEM customers to meet their exact specifications. From small silicone seals and valves found in wearable technology, we produce components that are critical to diabetes care equipment.

Our Capabilities That Serve The Diabetic Care Market

Silicone Micromolding

Saint-Gobain molds miniaturized silicone components that serve a distinct need in diabetes care devices; from small gaskets and valves providing soft touch for wearables.

Two-Shot Molding

Saint-Gobain combines what could be considered two parts into one part, in one press, in a single process.

Sputtered Films and Spacers for Diagnostics

Saint-Gobain Custom Films is a qualified supplier of key components like precious metal electrodes and spacers for this strip based technology. 

Precision Seals & Material Solutions

Our technical team has developed a number of Omniseal®, Rulon® and Meldin® seals and materials ideal for diabetic care applications. 

Precision Pump Tubing

Saint-Gobain offers a broad range of pump tubing in a variety of materials for the diabetic care market including tubing for insulin dispensing which requires precision dosing. 

See the impact our products have on improving the lives of others

Saint-Gobain Medical
Saint-Gobain Employee Impact Video

Saint-Gobain Medical Components plays a critical role in making medical components for life saving medical devices. This video highlights how Saint-Gobain’s products make an impact, very close to home. Saint-Gobain employee, Chad DeSelle, works in the Portage, WI facility where diabetes care products are manufactured. His daughter, Ella, uses the products that Chad makes so she can live her life safely and to its fullest.

A deeper dive into our expertise

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Silicone Micro Molding Datasheet

Our proprietary micro molding process delivers higher precision and shot-to-shot repeatability than conventional injection molding and achieves tolerance

PDF | 1 page | 323.42 KB
Silicone Micro Molding Datasheet
Medical Market Capabilities Datasheet

From our worldwide network of facilities, Saint-Gobain is strategically positioned to collaborate with companies across the globe to provide the highest

PDF | 2 pages | 1.09 MB
Medical Market Capabilities Datasheet
Two-Shot Bonding Capabilities for Medical Device Manufacturers

Two-Shot Bonding Capabilities for Medical Device Manufacturers

PDF | 1 page | 259.25 KB
Two-Shot Bonding Capabilities for Medical Device Manufacturers
Effect of Sterilization on the Mechanical Properties of Silicone Rubbers White Paper

Learn about the effects that sterilization can have on the properties of different commercial silicone rubbers used in medical device manufacturing.

PDF | 8 pages | 185.04 KB
Effect of Sterilization on the Mechanical Properties of Silicone Rubbers
Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding White Paper

Learn about liquid silicone rubber injection molding and how it can produce intricate elastomeric components with relatively short cycle times.

PDF | 10 pages | 345.14 KB
Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding White Paper
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