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Filtration Solutions for Medical Applications

Learn more about our custom filtration solutions for medical applications.

Saint-Gobain Medical
Introduction to Medical Micromolding

Saint-Gobain Medical Components Video Series - Introduction to Micromolding discussing our medical micromolding capabilities.

Saint-Gobain Medical
Introduction to Medical Molding

Saint-Gobain Medical Components Video Series - Introduction to Molding discusses medical molding.

Saint-Gobain Medical
Ophthalmic Devices Are Changing

Saint-Gobain Medical Components has been leading the way with innovative manufacturing for custom specialty components for ophthalmic devices. Learn more about our precision silicone molding, tooling expertise and 3D printing.

Our Customer's Feedback

I’ve received recommendations from others in the industry about working with Saint-Gobain. Their strength in the industry and ability to deliver have been the highlights of those conversations.

Molding Customer

Saint-Gobain Medical has a strong position in the industry starting with the fact that they have been in business for hundreds of years. A track record of proven results.

Extrusion Customer

When creating new products, I was able to go to the Saint-Gobain facility, partner and develop products together.

Molding Customer

Watch Our Webinar On Tubing Selection For Pump Applications

Webinar presented by Saint-Gobain Medical
Tubing Selection and its Role in Dosing Accuracy for Medical Pump Applications

Watch this Saint-Gobain Medical Components webinar to learn how tubing selection affects dosing accuracy in medical pump applications.

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Tygon MPF 300 Plus FLS5310 050123

TYGON® MPF-300+ is a clear, medical grade polymer not formulated with PVC or DEHP. Our Tygon tubing formulation is made in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom to meet

PDF | 2 pages | 363.93 KB
Tygon MPF 300 Plus datasheet FLS5310 050123_2 Final
Tygon MPF 300 FLS5046 050123

TYGON® MPF-300 is a clear, medical grade polymer not formulated with PVC or DEHP. This flexible tubing is designed to replace PVC in medical devices in

PDF | 2 pages | 361.26 KB
Tygon MPF 300 datasheet FLS5046 050123_2 Final
Transluminal CIR Accreditation

Transluminal CIR Accreditation

PDF | 2 pages | 206.5 KB
Tygon® Non-DEHP S-74 Tubing Datasheet

TYGON® S-74 is a medical-grade, clear PVC polymer tubing that is a flexible, non-DEHP tubing in which the formulation is ideally suited for catheters

PDF | 1.24 MB
Tygon® Non-DEHP S-97 E Tubing Datasheet

Tygon® Non-DEHP S-97 E Tubing Datasheet

PDF | 1.54 MB
Tygon® ND 100-80 Tubing Datasheet

TYGON® ND 100-80, one of the medical industry’s first non-DEHP tubing offerings, has been specifically formulated in a higher durometer that makes it

PDF | 1.16 MB
Tygon® ND 100-65 Tubing Datasheet

TYGON® ND 100-65, one of the medical industry’s first non-DEHP tubing offerings, has been formulated specifically to meet the demanding challenges of

PDF | 2 pages | 8.8 MB
Tygon® ND 100-55 Tubing Datasheet

Tygon ND 100-55 is a non-DEHP tubing formulated for typical applications such as fluid transfer and postitive displacement pumps.

PDF | 9.31 MB
Tygon® MPF-100 Tubing Datasheet

TYGON® MPF-100 is a medical grade, clear non-PVC polymer tubing available directly from Saint-Gobain.

PDF | 10.07 MB
Tygon® LCF Tubing Datasheet

Tygon® LCF is a medical grade, low coefficient of friction tubing made from a proprietary thermoplastic elastomeric formulation available directly from

PDF | 2 pages | 191.51 KB
Tygon S3™ E-LFL Clear Peristaltic Pump Tubing Datasheet

Tygon S3™ E-LFL Clear Peristaltic Pump Tubing Datasheet

PDF | 976.97 KB
Two-Shot Design Guide Datasheet

Two-shot silicone-thermoplastic molding is a new technology for the development of medical device components that molds both a silicone and thermoplastic

PDF | 889.89 KB
Two-Shot Bonding Capabilities for Medical Device Manufacturers

Two-Shot Bonding Capabilities for Medical Device Manufacturers

PDF | 1 page | 259.25 KB
Silicone Test Chambers Datasheet

The Test Chamber product is a USP Class VI, silicone molded component manufactured exclusively for Medical Device Manufacturers for the ophthalmic

PDF | 1 page | 296.65 KB
Silicone Micromolding Datasheet

Our proprietary micromolding process delivers higher precision and shot-to-shot repeatability than conventional injection molding and achieves tolerance

PDF | 1 page | 323.42 KB
SaniPure™ BDF™ Biocompatible TPE Tubing Datasheet

SaniPure™ BDF™ is the ideal choice for handling sensitive biological fluid transfer applications along with it's superior pump life.

PDF | 2 pages | 623.63 KB
Saint-Gobain Catheter Tubing Datasheet

Saint-Gobain specializes in custom manufacturing of high performance catheter tubing for medical OEMs, contract manufacturers and design houses.

PDF | 2 pages | 5.25 MB
Prototyping Datasheet

Saint-Gobain's Prototyping program can get new medical devices to market faster.

PDF | 1 page | 483.31 KB
Process Validation Datasheet

Saint-Gobain’s process validation package is all-encompassing from process creation to first article inspections through final process qualification.

PDF | 1 page | 473.4 KB
PharMed® BPT Tubing Datasheet

PharMed® BPT tubing has been formulated to withstand the rigors of peristaltic pumping action while providing the biocompatible fluid surface required in

PDF | 3 pages | 842.03 KB
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