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Compass Technology™ Trifold Datasheet

Saint-Gobain has developed our new Compass Technology™ for silicone extrusion provides precision tolerances for critical dimensions.

PDF | 429.9 KB
FreeWave™ Specialized Silicone Laser Processing Datasheet

FreeWave™ specialized silicone laser processing provides you with design freedom to create intricate features on your LSR molded silicone part like never

PDF | 1 page | 2.48 MB
Prototyping Datasheet

Saint-Gobain's Prototyping program can get new medical devices to market faster.

PDF | 1 page | 483.31 KB
Silicone Micromolding Datasheet

Our proprietary micromolding process delivers higher precision and shot-to-shot repeatability than conventional injection molding and achieves tolerance

PDF | 1 page | 323.42 KB
Silicone Test Chambers Datasheet

The Test Chamber product is a USP Class VI, silicone molded component manufactured exclusively for Medical Device Manufacturers for the ophthalmic

PDF | 1 page | 296.65 KB
Two-Shot Bonding Capabilities for Medical Device Manufacturers

Two-Shot Bonding Capabilities for Medical Device Manufacturers

PDF | 1 page | 259.25 KB
Two-Shot Design Guide Datasheet

Two-shot silicone-thermoplastic molding is a new technology for the development of medical device components that molds both a silicone and thermoplastic

PDF | 889.89 KB
Tygon® Non-DEHP S-74 Tubing Datasheet

TYGON® S-74 is a medical-grade, clear PVC polymer tubing that is a flexible, non-DEHP tubing in which the formulation is ideally suited for catheters

PDF | 1.24 MB
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