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FreeWave™ Specialized Silicone Laser Processing

Introducing FreeWave™ Specialized Silicone Laser Processing

No longer are you constrained by Design for Manufacturability!

FreeWave specialized silicone laser processing provides you with design freedom to create intricate features on your LSR molded silicone part like never before.

  • 360° design freedom
  • Precision cutting
  • No-charring
  • Spot-size down to 15 microns
  • Stable & repeatable process

FreeWave laser processing makes features such as unique hole shapes and locations a reality! 

FreeWave designs

Even simple circular through-holes are improved due to the ability to cut holes without touching the part. With mechanical punches, the silicone is compressed during the cutting operation which distorts the resulting shape. With FreeWave laser processing, your true design intent is realized - with the final product precisely matching your engineering drawing.

Traditional Cut
Traditional cut, infusion sleeve
Engineering Drawing
Engineering Drawing, cut, infusion sleeve
FreeWave Processing
FreeWave,processing, cut, infusion sleeve

Watch How FreeWave Is Changing The Ophthalmic Device Industry.

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Saint-Gobain Medical Components has been leading the way with innovative manufacturing for custom specialty components for ophthalmic devices. Learn more about our precision silicone molding, tooling expertise and 3D printing.

Saint-Gobain is providing the solutions and high quality we do need while also educating us on expanding capabilities and things we may or may not need but are available to us.

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Silicone Medical Molding

At Saint-Gobain, we have the technologies, expertise and processing capabilities to help design and manufacture your most difficult silicone molded medical device components.

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